Samstag, 10. Mai 2008

Vienna Woods/03

Sunday, 27 April 2008

This is the third day trip on our 625 miles hiking tour through Austria from East to West.

We take the bus to Gasthaus Rieger, Heinratsberg,
where our second trip had ended.

Here we go!

An elderly couple sitting under a tree
welcomes us on a wonderful day in Spring.

Our path leads us through endless woods
and vast meadows with isolated farms.

The apple trees are in full blossom. What a delight!

There seem to be organic farmers,
this farmer keeps his pigs in the open.

Lucky pigs!

Our next destination is the hill "Jochgrabenberg" (645 m above sea level) , and on our way we will pass hills with funny names like "Hinterer Steinberg" and "Großer Stiefelberg".

Again lonely farm houses

and romantic woods

and the woods suddenly opening into meadows.

Here we meet a lady who tells us that she is retired now and so she has enough time to enjoy long and relaxing rides through the countryside.

We take a little rest, have a picknick and study the map....

The next three pictures are the panorama view we enjoy here:

Then we walk on

When I see this farmhouse, I think of the retired lady.
I sigh and dream of living in the country, raising poultry, and hares and chickens and....

and having two horses, one for me and one for my darling husband.... ;-)

We find a natural pond full of water lilies.

In a week or so, the lilies will have yellow blossoms!

We leave the woods and come to the small village Rekawinkel with its villas built around 1900 as retreat for Vienna's wealthy inhabitants.

We cross the railway running from Vienna to the West of Austria,

Then we enter the woods again and walk along a little creek coming down a hill.

We cross the motorway A1 Westautobahn,
disturbing the stillness of the woods.

Soon we reach the hill Jochgrabenberg.

The top of the hill is rather smooth.
That's the sandstone of the Vienna Woods...

On top we have a beautiful view over the little villages nearby.

We step down the hill to the village Schwabendörfl and try to find a path leading to the railway station Eichgraben-Altlengbach.

On our way, spring flowers display their cheerful colours.

And also the trees!

Here we take a last rest (the dog is really tired!) and walk the last miles to the railway station where good old Westbahn takes us home to Vienna.

Ah - what a beautiful Sunday!

If you are interested in the first parts of our trip, please click here!


Brian hat gesagt…

Hello, and well done on your long walk, have enjoyed looking at you wonderful photos and reading the deatils of you journey.

I came to you blog as you posted comments on my blog asking if a Stroke was an illness, the answer is Yes, myself, I like to call it a Brain Attack as that is more dsicriptive.

Barbara Martin hat gesagt…

Thank you for commenting on my blog.

You have wonderful photos of your hiking trips, and best of all, you take your dog with you!

I am linking your hiking blog to my Nature Connections Link for others to visit.

Arija hat gesagt…

Ihr Fruehlingsausflug war ein Traum! Einen Augenblick lang konnte ich sogar den Fruehling im schoenen Oesterreich riechen. Leberbluemchen ragen Kopf und Schultern ueber alle anderen bei mir aber die Traenenden Herzen sind nur knapp dahinter. Vielen,vielen Dank dafuer.

Karen hat gesagt…

I discovered your blog through Morning Coffee's photo challenge comments. What a fun idea. Your photos are beautiful. I love spending time in the woods and with nature.

Small City Scenes hat gesagt…

Oh my goodness. Where have I been? I should have been here. Oh, I would love to hike with you. what a beautiful area. MB